Importance Of A Genuine Car Glass

Thinking of buying a car? Make sure to choose the one that fulfils your requirements and guarantees safety.

People usually focus on various features such as a good engine, better average, and comfort while buying a car.

Besides these, you should also consider opting for a car that offers high-quality windshield. But first, it is essential to understand, why a windshield is essential for a vehicle?

The significance of a windshield cannot be highlighted enough.

This regular looking glass in a car is often taken for granted by most car owners, but in fact, it plays a vital role in providing structural integrity to the car and also protecting the driver and other passengers present in the vehicle in case of a rollover or accident.

Nowadays, laminated glass for a windshield has become a basic safety guideline.

This glass is extremely strong, long-lasting and hard to break, making it an essential security and protection feature in your car.

Furthermore, during a car crash or accident, airbags deploy properly which prevents the driver and other passengers from getting severely wounded.

What the majority of people don’t understand and comprehend is, these airbags only function properly when they are supported by a strong windshield.

Thus, no matter where you may be driving, always be certain to opt for a genuine windshield glass. Therefore, windshield repair is a must, especially when the safety of passengers is a top priority.

Let’s take a look at the importance of using a genuine windshield and why professionals recommend only a genuine one.

Car Windshield Crack Repair

  • Support:

A car windscreen is the load-bearing part of a car that backs the car when it’s in motion or motionless. It provides support to the structure of the car.

Also, during mishaps and collisions, a genuine windshield will hold the structure of the car firmly. It will strongly prevent the car roof from caving in, even under massive stress.


  • Safety:

A car is equipped with enhanced safety measures. A genuine car glass adheres to the strict standards set by the auto industry.

This glass acts as a strong barrier between the external elements and the passengers sitting inside the car.

For instance, if the car and the passengers meet an accident, the genuine windshield will help in the proper functioning of airbags. These airbags will protect the passengers from suffering any major injuries.


  • Durability:

A genuine windshield glass is far more durable and strong than the low-grade counterparts. Therefore, it is less prone to chips and cracks.

On the other hand, a low-grade windshield will start to chip and crack just after few months of installation, which will further require widshield crack repair and replacement.

Therefore, saving money by buying low-grade windshield will only affect your budget in the long run. A windshield replacement is important, when it gets damaged due to chips and cracks.


  • Lowers outside noise and avoids leaks:

A genuine windshield is known to lower external sounds and prevent leaks. On the other hand, car owners with low-grade windshield, face the problem of excessive external noise, due to leaks. Leaks easily occur on an inferior quality windshield, due to the use of low-quality adhesive used to bond the glass with the frame.


  • Faultless replica:

The size and look of windshields created by various manufacturers for your car model might appear to be the exact same to the amateur eye.

However, while the size and shape may be alike, there is often a massive difference in the width and subtle nuances which can hamper the installation.

Thus, be certain to only opt for a genuine windshield glass from a reputed and well-known glass manufacturer. Such manufacturers are capable of providing solutions that are almost like the original one.

  • Resale value: A car with a genuine windshield will any day fetch more money than a car with an after-market windshield. For somebody looking to sell off their car, a genuine windshield is guaranteed to raise a much higher value as compared to a low-grade replica.

When it comes to your families and your security, there must be no settlement. Hence, it is always a great idea to use a genuine windshield.

Replacing even a small part of the car with an inferior quality one can be detrimental to the security and efficiency of the whole system.

Even a false cover can harm the entire braking system of a car. So, one should never take any risks, when it comes to the well-being of others.


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