A well fitted and genuine windshield is an important part of every car. But most car owners take this protection shield for granted until a crack or chip appears on it. This is the time when most car owners tend to take the wrong decision.

For example, some car owners might opt for a low-priced windshield to save money. However, only a genuine windshield can be fitted properly, serve the purpose and abide by all the safety measures.

This article talks about the problems that can arise due to an improper fit of windshield installed in your car.

In India, 70% of the windshield glass installation are done incorrectly, making the passengers more vulnerable to accidents. The windshield also provides support to the roof of the vehicle which safeguards the passengers inside the car, in the case of an accident.

Therefore, it is vital that the windshield installation is done properly.

The car glass dealers in Hyderabad only recommended expert technicians with a specific skill set, proper qualification and knowledge to provide such intricate service.

So, make sure that you opt for a service centre that is known to deliver such services.

An improper fit can create havoc and lead to various problems.  Some of these have been listed below:

Small gaps and spaces left during installation of the frame

The windscreen needs to be aligned perfectly in the frame.

Even a slight misplacement in the point can affect the way the windshield is installed in the car.

Another problem that can occur due to incorrect windshield installation is small gaps. If the windshield is aligned correctly, these gaps are filled in with a strong adhesive such as urethane.

It is a 90 times stronger adhesive than silicone with better elongation and effectiveness.

The windshield protects the driver from various environmental factors such as rain, dust, and dirt. But, if it is not installed correctly, the spaces and small gaps will let in dust particles and other pollutants.

Furthermore, in the rainy season, it will allow water to seep in. All of this can harm your interiors as well as lead to corrosion on the frame. These gaps also compromise on the grip on the glass.

A windscreen that has been fitted well helps to reduce the amount of sound entering the car. The sound that enters the car can be from the traffic outside or the sound of the wind.

When the windshield is fitted incorrectly the intensity of noise that enters the car increases, which can be quite disturbing to the driver.

Compromised safety of passengers

The windshield glass is generally associated with safety of a car. In the case of an accident, this toughened laminated glass prevents debris from entering inside.

Furthermore, if the accident is a rear-end collision, it prevents the driver and co-passengers from falling out of the car.

If the windshield is installed in a proper way, then it helps the car to withstand the blow and also provides structural integrity to the car. Because of this support the roof doesn’t cave in.

When you have not got your cars windscreen crack repaired, even a correctly fitted windshield won’t protect the passengers during an accident.

Additionally, the airbags, which are becoming one of the most popular safety features of the cars, relies on the windshield for optimum functioning.

When airbags deploy during an accident, they hit the windshield strongly and then stabilises to protect the passenger. If the windshield isn’t installed correctly, it may crack or worse break during the airbag deployment.

All these problems clearly signify that proper installation of a windshield plays a very important role. Windshield Experts employs experienced technicians who are skilled at installing the glass for a perfect fit.

It is also necessary that you consider a genuine windshield before buying one. For example, if you are buying a windshield from car glass dealers in Chennai make sure it’s a genuine product.

Beware of a wide range of cheap replicas that are readily available in the market. Also, take the car to a renowned service centre for all kinds of glass servicing.


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