How to Safeguard Car Windshield from Different Weather Conditions

Car’s windshield is an important aspect of the car body. It safeguards the passengers from unfortunate events and supports the car structure, making it sturdy and durable. People know the importance of a windshield and do their best to protect it from harmful materials.

However, there are various factors such as changing weather conditions, dirt, and more which affects the car’s windshield in many ways. Usually, these reasons can result in chips and cracks on the car windshield.

The most important step which ensures the longevity of the car windshield is making sure to never ignore any sign of damages.

Be it a small chip or a big crack always get the broken car glass repaired or replaced immediately. Windshield replacement is recommended by windshield experts only when there is a crack which cannot be repaired.  A small chip can be easily repaired by trained technicians.

One of the main elements that impact the durability and strength of the front windshield glass is different weather conditions. Therefore, it becomes all the more important to take necessary steps which will help to safeguard the windshield. Given below is a list of safety steps that one can perform during the specified season.

Summer Season-

The scorching heat of the sun in the summer months is hard to bear. In India, summer season lasts for the longest amongst all the seasons.

The hot weather affects everything from living to non-living beings, which also includes car windshields. A car windshield is more prone to expand in the summer season.

If there is a small chip on the windshield, there are chances that it will expand into a bigger crack which will further lead to the complete shattering of the windshield. In such cases, it’s advisable to get the complete windshield replace.

It is recommended to park the car away from the direct sunlight. It is also advised that the car AC temperature must not be highly minimised. Or else, the increase in the indoor and outdoor temperature difference may worsen any windshield damage.

Winter season-

car glass repair

Just like the intense summer days, winters in some parts of India can be really harsh. The temperature dip in winters can affect your car windshield and lead to damages.

In winters, we tend to increase the defrosters that warm up the car’s interior which increases the chance of developing cracks or expansion of already developed cracks.

Additionally, if your city witnesses strong hail storms or snow, make sure you park your car in a shaded area. If not, constant pelting of hail can cause serious damage to a car windshield.

While driving, make sure you maintain a moderate temperature inside the car which is compatible with the outside temperature. Or else, the stress caused due to temperature difference can lead to stress cracks on the windshield.

Fall Season-

Fall season marks the transition from summer to winters. It is the season when trees shed leaves and sometimes accompanied by strong winds. These weather changes can wreak havoc on cars. During this season, most of the cars are found covered in dirt and leaves, which requires ample time to clean.

While these objects can damage the car paint job, sharper objects like seeds or tree branches can actually damage the windshield. During this season, be sure never to park your car under a tree to protect the windshield glass and car body.

Spring Season-

While spring isn’t characterised by harsh temperatures, it is prone to strong winds. Although, this isn’t a concern for cars with genuine windshield solutions.

However, it increases the likelihood of loose gravel or stones being sacked against the windshield, leading to cracks or chips. In case you notice any such damage to your glass, be sure to have it repaired instantly by a trained technician.

Thus, the changing seasons and temperature shifts can have different effects on your car’s windshield.

Keep in mind that simple car care tips outlined here while keeping your car covered as and when possible can help protect the windshield glass. In addition, a genuine windshield glass fitted correctly will be far more resilient to cracks or scratches.

A reputed auto centre in your city will be able to guide you on any car or windshield concerns you may have. Remember, never ignore a crack or chip on the windshield glass as it can be hazardous in case of an accident.

Image Source: amazon, americanautoglass


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