How A Non- Genuine Windshield Can Lead To Fail Airbag Functioning

The windshield glass in a car offers drivers numerous safety benefits. This front glass offers the driver a clear view of the road while also providing major structural support to the car.

In case of an accident, this glass protects passengers from external debris while also preventing the roof from collapsing inwards and injuring passengers.

This is a prime reason why one should never drive with a damaged windshield. In fact, the instance one notices a scratch or crack on this glass, no matter how minor, one should instantly send the car for windshield crack repair.

In addition, with upgraded safety features like airbags being installed in most cars, a lot of people seldom pay attention to this critical glass.

However, this massive glass also plays a crucial role in correct airbag deployment. In case of high impact during a collision, the airbags are deployed at massive speed to land in place and protect the passengers.

An important point to note here is that they actually rely on the strength of the windshield glass to function. On impact, these airbags use the windshield glass as a back support to correctly land in place. This helps protect the passengers from hitting the glass or being thrown from their seat.

Airbag deployment problems with non-genuine windshields


There are numerous windshield options available in the market ranging from genuine solutions to replica windshields. Due to their attractive pricing, car owners often get tempted to go for non-genuine windshield solutions.

However, these glasses generally do not adhere to the safety standards set by the auto industry and can be disastrous in an accident.

In addition, they can have a great bearing on the way the airbags are deployed in an accident. As they don’t have the same strength as genuine glass windshield, they are unable to support the speed and impact of the airbags on deployment. On contact, the glass is more likely to crack or get damaged further adding to the risk of injury.

Without this sturdy support from the windshield, the airbag is unable to land securely in its correct place. This can affect the amount of airbag inflation as well as tilt its landing thus being ineffective in passenger safety.

In addition, a replica windshield will never grip the frame as strongly as a genuine windshield. During sudden airbag deployment, the glass may also be thrown out of the frame removing the protective barrier from the passengers.

In addition, a genuine windshield solution is extremely resilient to cracks and chips while also being made from strong laminated solutions. On the other hand, a non-genuine windshield does not use the same manufacturing process and may use a less sturdy glass option. This can increase the risk of minor cracks and chips on the glass.

In the case of a collision, this can be quite disastrous as the airbags can hit the cracked windshield with such strong force causing it to break apart further. Thus, it is critical to opt for windshield glass repair at the earliest.

Cracks on a genuine windshield glass should also never be ignored as they can affect the structural integrity of the vehicle. Visit a reputed auto centre with trained windshield experts in your city for any windshield concerns. In case there are cracks on your windshield that require replacement, opt for genuine car glass solutions.

Not just a genuine windshield but a genuine adhesive is equally critical for safe airbag deployment. The use of a low-grade adhesive can loosen its grip on the frame on the forceful impact of the airbags. Instead, genuine adhesives like polyurethane grip the glass against the frame in an extremely strong and durable manner. This adhesive is tested as per the safety standards set by the industry.

Thus, while a non-genuine glass and adhesive may seem like the more attractive option economically, they can be extremely dangerous. Additionally, the constant repair and replacement work required on these replicas make it a more costly option in the long run.

So, if you have any cracks or chips o your windshield, or other such concerns be sure to visit a trained windshield expert closest to you. Keep in mind, that a little investment now can save the lives of your loved ones in the future. A reputed auto centre will be able to correctly guide you on genuine windshield glass solutions for your car.

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