Essential Fluids to Always Maintain In Your Car

Just like any machine, a car also requires regular maintenance and certain fluids to function smoothly. Most car owners pay attention to their car body and critical windshield glass, but forget to look under the hood.

An important point to note though is that any damage to the windshield should never be ignored. With an increasing number of reputed auto centres being set up in cities like Jodhpur, car glass replacement by a professional has become increasingly easy.

In addition, routinely checking for important fluids can prevent you from facing problems on the road. These include:

Windshield washer fluid

A clear view of the road is critical at all times and is provided by the windshield glass. Cleaning this glass before you start your journey is always great, but one stretch of a dusty road and your view is instantly hazy.

This obstructed view can compromise your safety and dim your ability to see the traffic in front of you. Additionally, auto glass replace experts in Karnal say simply activating your wipers on a dry and dirty glass may scratch the glass worsening the vision.

Here, a spray of the windshield washer fluid can instantly clean the glass and offer you a clean view. Be sure to always maintain optimum levels of this fluid and use a genuine solution which isn’t too harsh. Also, don’t replace this fluid with water as it may lead to bacterial infestation or worse, freeze up in the winter months and damage your car parts.

Engine oil

Your engine needs to be well lubricated to continue running smoothly. To do so, simply pop the hood and find the oil dipstick. Wipe it well a couple of times to check your oil level.

In case it is even slightly low, it is better to replace it to the optimum levels. In case you feel that the oil levels are reducing drastically, have it checked out by a technician at your neighbourhood auto centre.

Brake Fluid

This critical fluid is what helps your car stop instantly at your command. To check the level of this fluid, clean the fluid tank near the engine to prevent any dust from entering it.

Then lift the cap and gauge the level. If it is low, replace it instantly. Keep in mind that low levels of this fluid can affect the brakes from functioning properly. This can be quite dangerous on the road, especially in high traffic areas.

Radiator Fluid

Long drives can overheat the car and cause it to stop. This often happens when the radiator fluid is low as this is what prevents the engine from overheating.

An important point to note is never open the cap of the radiator when the car is hot or with the engine running. Instead, let it cool down and then check the levels. Be sure to fill it as per your manual to the optimum amount.

Power Steering Fluid

The power steering in your car helps you control your wheels and navigate them correctly. The power steering fluid is what lubricates the steering wheel and allows you to turn it easily. Low levels of this fluid can affect your ability to drive and also place added stress on the wheel.

To check the levels of this fluid open the tank and lift the dipstick. Wipe it clean and then reinsert it to check the levels. Be sure to clean the area around the reservoir first to avoid any dirt from settling in. In case the levels are low, be sure to top them up completely.

Additionally, in case the levels are fine but you have trouble with your power steering, have it checked out by a technician at an auto service centre in your neighbourhood at the earliest.

Transmission Fluid

This is the fluid that keeps your gears lubricated and helps you shift from one gear to another seamlessly. To check the levels of this fluid, follow the same procedure as with the engine oil but with the car engine turned on.

In case the levels are low take it to your auto centre for a top-up. Additionally, if there is a burning smell accompanying it or you feel that the fluid has turned a dark colour, be sure to have it checked out instantly.

Thus, be sure to check for these fluids routinely. Also, take your car to the auto centre for regular oil checks and tune-ups. Along with these, never ignore any cracks or chips on your windshield glass but take it instantly for car glass repair in Vadodara.

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