Advantages of Car Insurance

Purchasing a car is a delightful moment for everyone. It brings with it comfort, a better status symbol and increased convenience. However, it also tends to take away from your savings quite a bit and is not something one can purchase frequently. This makes protecting your investment equally important and is brought forward in the form of car insurance.

Minor dings and scratches are a constant accompaniment for every car on the road. Interaction with dirt, gravel, potholes and other factors can wear down the car soon after use. Along with this, a collision or accident on the road can severely damage the car while also putting the passengers at risk.

Most modern cars are now equipped with several safety features such as laminated glass windshield, seatbelts and airbags to secure passengers. However, for a car, damage in such a case is imminent.

For someone without insurance, this can be quite an expensive proposition. The cost of windscreen repairs alone can be quite taxing on the savings, not to mention the car body. In India, liability or third party insurance is a legal requirement for every car owner. This insurance seeks to protect any person that you may injure on the road.

In case you collide with another car or damage public property while driving and found to be responsible, this insurance will provide the money to repair the other person’s property. This covers all damage such as windscreen repair, car body repair, property damage etc.

However, this insurance protects the person injured by you but offers no protection for your car. Here, if the damage has affected your car as well, you will have to pay full price to have it fixed.

In addition to this mandated car insurance, car owners can also consider comprehensive insurance. Though this type of insurance adds a little bit to the premiums, it can be a great investment in the long run. Here, not only is your car protected in case of an accident but other natural causes as well.

A lot of times, damage to the car can occur overnight. A stone or rock hurled at your car in the middle of the night can leave you with acar or scratches on your car. In addition, an accidental fire, earthquakes or calamities like cyclones can gravely damage the car. This insurance covers damage under all these circumstances and allows car owners complete repair as per the contract.

Thus, whether on the road or parked your driveway overnight, your car may suffer damage from time to time. Repairing this damage, while critical for your safety, can take a toll on your expense account. The windshield glass for instance, even though it is made from sturdy and tough laminated glass, can get scratched or cracked over time.

Even what looks like minor damage should be instantly repaired as it can greatly compromise safety when on the road. This critical glass not only protects passengers from debris and external elements in a crash but also provides structural integrity to the car body.

Without insurance, a lot of car owners tend to delay these repairs due to their expense. However, if left ignored, these minor cracks can worsen significantly ultimately requiring a complete glass replacement. With car insurance, timely repairs can be carried out without worrying about the expense that adds to the durability of the car glass and safety of passengers.

In order to make the insurance system more convenient for the car owner, one can even opt for cashless insurance. In this case, insurance companies partner up with auto service centres for car repairs. In case of an accident, a car owner with this facility can simply go to one of the centres listed by the insurance company for repair.

The team will do the repair work and get reimbursed directly from the insurance company, without requiring the individual to pay anything at all.

Thus, insurance coverage is an important feature for every car owner and must not be ignored. Damage to the car at all times is a possibility but with insurance repair and maintenance become easy and inexpensive.

A reputed auto centre or insurance company in your neighborhood will be able to help you with specific details regarding the same and also guide you on the extent of coverage that is right for your car. Remember, that timely repair work in your car not only extends the life of the car but also keeps your family safe when on the road.

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