Often it happens that a car owner cranks up the engine only for there to be no response. This is generally because the car battery is no longer charged preventing it from functioning correctly. Just like our smartphones, a car also needs to have a well charged battery to operate.

The battery life, based on the brand and age, can generally last for several years. However, there are certain factors that can diminish the life span. Not being used regularly is a major reason that can reduce the charge of the battery.

Another important point to remember is to send your car regularly to a reputed service provider for regular maintenance. Trained technicians here can check that your battery and every other part is functioning correctly. Additionally, windshield experts in Ludhiana also recommend getting your windshield reviewed regularly to ensure there is no cracks or damage to your windshield that can compromise safety.

Expert tips for maintaining a car battery

Drive your car once a month at least

Leaving the car idle for long periods at a stretch can drain out the car battery completely. Additionally, taking short drives frequently can also weaken the car battery as it places added stress on it. Instead, in cases where usage is low, it is advisable to combine the work on one day and use the car for an extended time, at least once in a month.


Keep the battery clean and well maintained

Be sure to check your car regularly for any problems. This includes factors like dents, windshield cracks and the car battery. There may be times when you notice corrosion around the battery terminals that can significantly impact its life span. Be sure to clean the battery regularly and scrape off the corrosion to prevent damage. You can use a combination of baking soda and distilled water to safely scrape of the rust. In case, you notice any leakage, be sure to take it instantly to an auto store and not do anything yourself.

Similarly, inspect your windshield regularly to ensure there is no damage or cracks that require attention. Even damage that may seem minor can compromise your safety on the road say windshield experts in Chandigarh.

Check the water levels in the battery

Certain battery types are stored in distilled water that needs to be maintained for effective functioning. Over time the water levels can reduce impacting your battery. A routine check every 3 months can ensure your water levels don’t reduce drastically. If the water level is low, be sure to top it off only with distilled water.

An important point to note is, do not open any battery part unless you are sure. Instead, get a trained technician to have a look at your battery and suggest necessary upkeep tips for that model.

Cover your car in winter months

Winters months can be the worst for your car. Not only can they cause cracks on your windshield but also affect the functioning of your battery. Leaving your car in the open in icy temperatures can require a lot more time for the battery to start. Here you have to crank the engines repeatedly for the car to start which adds pressure on the battery and shortens its life span.

Similarly, according to experts of windshields in Jalandhar, the cold air can also cause your windshield glass to contract and expand leading to cracks. Thus, when not in use, be sure to park your car in an enclosed garage or cover it. Also, if you plan on not using the car for several months in the winters, ask your auto centre if it’s better to uninstall it for that period. A car battery discharges much faster when it is connected in your car then when stored correctly. Be sure not to remove the battery yourself but have an expert technician do it for you.

Get regular tune-ups for your car

A lot of times people ignore their cars till there is a problem. Instead, be sure to send your car for regular tune-ups to a trained auto centre. They can check your car battery, oil, brakes, windshield glass and a lot more components to ensure your safety on the road at all times.

Thus, don’t wait for your car to stop dead on the road suddenly. Instead, visit a reputed auto service centre in your city for timely service of your car. Ensure that along with your car battery, you also have your windshield glass reviewed periodically.

Image Source: jumpstarterexpert, carreviews2022


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