How to get your car windshield installed properly?

The windshield glass plays an important role in every car. This sturdy and durable glass protects passengers from dangerous consequences in case of an accident while also preventing regular dirt and debris from entering the vehicle. Maintaining a damage free windshield is important for passengers to enjoy the safety features it brings. However, constant contact with environmental elements can wear put the glass leading to chips and scratches. These should never be ignored but instantly takes to a reputed auto centre for repair.

A trained technician may be able to repair minor damage to your windshield. On the other hand, if the glass has been damaged extensively, you may need to get your windshield replaced. Keep in mind that replacing the windshield requires a special skill set and expertise to be done correctly, thus it is essential to opt for a trained windshield technician when opting for replacement. These days, one can find reputed auto centres and skilled technicians even in smaller cities like Chennai for car glass replacement.

Here, we bring your some of the important factors that are needed for correct installation of your windshield to protect and safeguard you better. Checking for these will also help you ensure that your technician is qualified for windshield replacement.

Carefully removing the old windshield

Depending on where the damage is, the technician will have to carefully remove the windshield glass in a way that doesn’t damage your car. In case the cracks are at the edge or near the frame, a rough movement to the glass can cause severe damage to the frame and affect its ability to firmly grip the windshield glass.

The glass is held in place with several clips and mouldings along with industrial strength adhesive. The technician will have to carefully unclip the glass and cut the glass from the frame. After removing the glass, he will also have to scrape off the adhesive on the metal frame as well as any dirt that may have got trapped there.

Once the frame has been completely cleaned and levelled for the new windshield, the technician will install the new windshield glass.

Choosing genuine windshield solutions

When picking the new windshield, it is essential to opt for genuine solutions only. Experts of windshields in Kolkata recommend using only genuine or OEM (original equipment manufacturer) windshield for safety and durability. With an increasing number of cheap alternatives available in the market, car owners often get tempted to opt for them. Additionally, technicians without the proper skill set may not be able to correctly guide an individual on the right choice.

A genuine windshield will be made with the required safety standards set by the auto industry to correctly safeguard passengers. Additionally, it is far more durable than the replicas leading to a more economical long-term investment. Along with the glass, though it is also essential to check for genuine adhesive. The adhesive is what binds the glass to the frame. A genuine adhesive, such as polyurethane, will keep the glass in place even after several years or in an accident.

Correctly aligning the new genuine windshield

Once the frame has been cleaned and the solutions have been identified, the technician will begin to install them. He will first cover the frame with the adhesive in an even manner and then carefully align the glass in place. This step is critical and requires a qualified technician as even e slightest change in alignment can affect the overall safety and structural integrity of the car. Additionally, it is essential to check that the adhesive is placed evenly and does not have any glass pieces or dirt trapped that can affect the installation of the new windshield.

Now that the glass has been fitted, the car is left in the auto shop till the adhesive dries completely to firmly secure the glass. Using a genuine adhesive can have the car ready in a couple of hours as it dries much faster. On the other hand, cheap imitations can leave your car in the shop for a couple of days as well as weaken with changing weather conditions.

Thus, for any damage to your windshield be sure to opt only for a reputed service centre with qualified windshield experts. Be it Delhi or Bangalore, car windshield replacement experts can now be found in every city.  A trained technician will be able to correctly repair the damage if possible or advise you for a replacement in time. Keep in mind that a windshield glass secures you and your loved ones from hazardous consequences in case of an accident.

Image Source: alderferautoglass


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