Non-genuine glass affects the functioning of air bags during accidents

Along with stylish interiors and exteriors, modern cars are placing an added emphasis on safety features as well. Sturdy seatbelts and resilient glass solutions have become common features in every car. Now, an increasing number of vehicles are also being fitted with airbags for passenger safety in case of a collision.

However, what most people don’t realise is that the windshield is actually the most important aspect of safety in a car. Not only does it provide an obstructed view of the road, it allows supports the structural integrity of the car. Also, when fitted with genuine glass, this windshield does not fold or shatter on impact, ensuring that the passengers inside are safe. This is why it is imperative that you always use genuine glass solutions.

In addition, any cracks or chips, however minor, should be immediately repaired or replaced by a qualified expert of windshields in Ahmedabad or your city. Over time, these cracks can worsen fleft ignored, and be quite dangerous in while on the road.

Airbag deployment and genuine windshields

Fitting an airbag may increase one’s safety, but it doesn’t function simply by itself. A lot of car owners don’t realise that the windshield actually plays a critical role in the deployment of airbags as well. During a collision, when the airbags are deployed, they actually rely on the strength of the windshield glass to function.

On impact, these airbags are deployed at a very fast speed and use the windshield glass as a back support to correctly land in place. This helps protect the passengers from hitting the glass or being thrown from their seat.

The use of a non-genuine or cheap windshield glass, in this case, can affect the way the airbags are deployed. Firstly, they don’t have the same strength as genuine glass to support the speed and impact of the airbags n deployment. This may cause them to shatter on the road creating further hazardous consequences.

In addition, a replica windshield will never grip the frame as strongly as a genuine windshield. Apart from the dangers caused by the glass breakage or loosening, a replica windshield will also not have the structural strength for the airbag to deploy correctly. This may cause the airbag’s position to shift or not even reach maximum capacity to protect the passenger.

Keep in mind, that genuine windshields are manufactured based on specifications given for your car model. They are the exact shape and size of the glass that your car originally came with. Unfortunately, car owners get tempted to use low-grade windshield due to cheap pricing, without realising how dangerous it can be.

A genuine windshield is made with laminated glass solutions, which are extremely tough and don not shatter on impact. They are also highly resilient against common cracks and chips. On the other hand, a non-genuine windshield does not use the same manufacturing process. It may have minor cracks or chips that go unnoticed.

This can be extremely dangerous while on the road. In case of a collision, the airbags can hit the cracked windshield with such strong force causing it to break apart further. Thus, it is critical to have any cracks or chips, even minor ones, be repaired or replaced at the earliest. Cracks on a genuine windshield glass should also never be ignored as they can affect the structural integrity of the vehicle. Visit a windshield expert in your city for any windshield concerns. In smaller cities like Chandigarh, be sure to ask that the technician is a qualified windshield expert before letting him work on your car.

Another important to point to consider along with genuine glass is the use of genuine adhesive for safe airbag deployment. The use of a low-grade adhesive can push the glass out of its frame when the air bags hit it. Instead, genuine adhesives like polyurethane grip the glass against the frame in an extremely strong and durable manner. This adhesive is tested as per the safety standards set by the industry.

Even on high impact, genuine adhesive ensures that your windshield glass stays held in the frame. Thus, while a non-genuine glass and adhesive may seem like the more attractive option economically, they can be extremely dangerous. Additionally, the constant repair and replacement work required on these replicas make it a more costly option in the long run. So, if you have any cracks or chips o your windshield, or other such concerns be sure to visit a trained windshield expert in Chennai or closest to you.

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