Know the types of windshield cracks for repair or replacement

Car Windshield Crack Repair

For every car owner, a slight crack or scratch on the windshield is nothing new. Constant contact with environmental factors like dirt, gravel, hail etc., is sure to leave some marks on your car. Additionally, any incident such as a collision or a fallen tree branch can lead to massive damage to your car windshield. This is often witnessed in Noida which is surrounded by lush trees. In such a case, be sure to visit windshield experts in Noida for correct advice. Driving with a cracked or chipped windshield is not only hazardous to your safety, but can cause gaps that allow external factors such as dust, air, and rain to enter.

Whatever may be the case, instantly sending your car for repair is a must. With most offices located in Gurgaon, driving a long distance daily has become a norm. Instead of driving with a chipped windshield, simply take your car to windshield experts in Gurgaon for a proper fix.

In some cases, the cracks or scratches on the windshield may not be able to be repaired, and will require that the glass be replaced. This is crucial for your safety and must not be ignored. For people living in the Faridabad region, there are trained technicians and windshield experts in Faridabad that can correctly gauge the windshield damage.

Some of the types of windshield cracks include:

Chip: This is the most common windshield damage and occurs when a tiny piece of glass is chipped away due to contact with passing stones or dirt. This damage is often tiny in size and can be repaired if treated instantly. However, if ignored, the damage can spread across the glass requiring complete replacement.

Bull’s eye: This type of damage is reflected in the form of a circular pattern on the windshield glass and is slightly bigger than a chip. A smaller size bull’s eye maybe repairable, however, a large sized damage will require the windshield glass to be replaced. A semi-circular crack caused by the same way is referred to as half-moon.

Floater crack: Starting from the centre of the windshield, floater cracks tend to spread across the glass. If the crack isn’t too wide, a trained technician may be able to repair the glass. However, long and deep cracks will require you to replace the glass.

Combination break: In this kind of damage the windshield suffers a combination of chips and cracks. In this case, more than the number of cracks, it is the depth and size of cracks that need to be paid most attention to. Surface chips which are short in length can be repaired. However, if the damage has reached the interlayer or is too widespread, it is advisable to get the glass replaced.

Edge crack: As the name suggests, this crack can be found at the edge of the windshield. In a lot of cases, they may go unnoticed and worsen if not repaired instantly. This type of crack is risky as it can affect the way the glass is fitted in the frame. While tiny edge cracks can be repaired if caught on time, in some cases if the damage is extensive, the windshield glass may have to be replaced.

Stress crack: This type of damage generally occurs suddenly and is a result of an old and worn windshield. In places where temperature conditions are to the extreme, this type of crack is more common. It can start at the edge of the windshield glass and soon spread across. With stress cracks, one must instantly get the glass replaced from a reputed service provider for safety reasons.

Star cracks: In this form of windshield damage, there are multiple cracks arising from a point. Generally caused by the impact of some substance hitting the windshield, multiple cracks tend to start at the point and spread outward in the form of a star. While a light impact may be repairable with shorter cracks, a deep impact will necessitate windshield glass replacement

Long Crack: In most cases, minor chips and scratches can easily be repaired by a qualified technician. However, cracks which are over 15 cms long, may be difficult to repair, requiring a complete glass replacement.

Thus, there are numerous types of cracks or chips that can damage your windshield. The important point here is to instantly send you car to a trained technician for repair. In most cases, a crack if treated on time may be repairable. However, if left as it is, it can compromise the entire glass adding to the risk of injury.

In addition, anytime you go for a glass replacement be sure to opt for a reputed service provider that uses genuine glass solutions with trained technicians for windshield installation. The windshield must be specifically manufactured for your car type for a perfect fit as an ill-fitted windshield can be hazardous for your safety on the road.

Content Source: Windshield Experts


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