Tracing the evolution of windshield and wipers

For car owners today, the windshield glass and wiper blades are just another aspect that is a standard feature. In most cases, this important glass is not even given a second thought. Not only does the windshield keep you safe in an accident, but also provides over 50% of the structural integrity to the car. This is also why it is critical that you care for your windshield and get it repaired or replaced at the first sign of any damage. Emerging cities like Chandigarh, offer qualified services by experts of windshield in Chandigarh.

In cities receiving harsh sun glares, even a minor crack can further worsen visibility. Be sure to take your car with damaged windshield only to experts in Chennai for correct service. In addition, do not ignore any cracks or chips that you may see on your windshield, but take your car to experts in Ahmedabad or those closest to your city. And while they are now a safety and standard features, you will be stunned to know that the early auto inventions did not have any glass in the windshield!

From goggles to safety glass

When cars were first driven in the 19th century, they didn’t have any glass installed in the windshield, but actually wore goggles as a means of protection from the bugs and dirt. It was almost 15 years later that the need for a glass was realized. However, it wasn’t even close to the windscreens fitted in cars these days.

The first type of windshield glass fitted in cars was a two-piece glass. It was regular glass which allowed the driver to remove a layer if it became too dirty. However, it was in no way strengthened to protect against collision, leaving the driver quite vulnerable in case of an accident.

To counter this dilemma and offer some safety to the drivers, Henry ford in 1919 adopted a new windshield technology. Here, two glass pieces were held together by a middle layer of cellulose. While this cellulose layer held the glasses together and its pieces in case of an accident, it tended to become discoloured over time adding to the driver’s discomfort.

Today, all cars are fitted with laminated glass that is extremely strong and durable while also acting as a major safety feature for the driver and passengers in case of an accident.

Evolving from manual wipers to automated wiper blades

The earliest type of wiper was actually a handheld squeegee developed in 1917 used largely during rain or snow storms. However, as the driver had to manually clean the windshield with one and steer the car with the other, it wasn’t much of a success. To compensate for this dilemma, a single motorised wiper was invented and fitted in the top centre of the windshield. While this helped improve the view of the windshield it still left the edges completely accounted for distorting the side vision of the driver.

A noteworthy invention in the wiper blade history occurred in 1921, when American inventor William Folberth invented a single wiper blade that was operated from the suction of the engine. However, in this case, the wiper’s speed was determined by the speed of the car. As the car gained speed so did the wiper system and vice versa. This was another concern for drivers at that time.

Another shift the occurred through the years was the shift from placing the wipers at the top to the base of the windshield. It was in the 1930s that the first windshield washer system was introduced. Another major change came about in the late 1960s when Ford released their version of intermittent power wipers which allowed the driver to choose the time gap between two swipes of the blades. This feature was enhanced by Saab in 1970 when the wipers were built to sense the resistance on the windshield signifying it was dry or wet and operate accordingly. Finally, in 1990s wiper systems took a further jump when they were built with infrared sensors that could sense rain and wiper speed optimizing the cleaning on the windshield glass.

Thus, we can see the dynamic changes brought about in windshield and wipers from the earlier car models in the 19th century. As technology continues to progress, car owners can be sure that this isn’t the end. The importance of a windshield and wiper system in maintaining a clear view of the road cannot be emphasized enough. Now, even fixing minor chips and scratches have become possible, which earlier may have shattered the glass.

However, be sure to always take your car for a routine inspection to your service provider while also instantly consulting a trained technician for any crack or scratch on your windscreen. This can greatly compromise your safety on the road if it isn’t taken care of in time. A qualified technician will be able to guide you on if the glass is repairable or needs to be replaced.

Content Source: Windshield Experts


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