Steps of car glass replacement

Car Glass Replacement

The windshield of any car is of immense importance and serves several critical functions. Not only does it add to the appearance of your car and safeguard the passengers in case of a crash, but also offers an unobstructed view of the road ahead to avoid any collisions. However, chips and cracks on the glass can distort the view while becoming a concern for the safety of passengers.

This makes it important for car owners to be extremely vigilant about the state of the front windshield glass. Minor cracks should be instantly sent for windscreen crack repair. On the other hand, certain types of cracks may not be repairable and will require the windshield to be replaced. This helps promote the safety of passengers and durability of glass. To help you understand better what takes place during a windshield replacement, the important steps have been detailed below.

Removing the damaged windshield

At first, the technician will gauge the damage to the glass and determine if car windshield repair if possible. In case the damage is too severe, the glass will need to be replaced. The technician will start to remove the damaged windshield carefully to avoid any disturbance to the frame of the windshield glass and your car.

To do so, he will first need to remove any clips or mouldings holding the windshield in place. The clips may be angled differently and need to be removed in the right order to avoid further damage. Then the windshield needs to be cut from its frame, either from the inside or the outside, with utmost care as this is the point where different metal components are fused together to form the windshield frame. The technician will also need to cut through the adhesive to completely remove the glass with the help of another trained technician to avoid any damage to the car.

After the windshield glass has been removed, the area around the frame needs to be cleaned of any dirt, debris or adhesive before installing the replacement to ensure optimal fitting.

Choosing the right windshield for replacement

Now that the damaged windshield has been removed, the technicians will choose a suitable windshield to be fitted in your car. Here it is imperative to use the windshield that was specifically designed for the particular car model to ensure that it is the right size and shape for the frame. In addition, a genuine glass will meet the required standards set for the auto industry ensuring the safety of passengers on the road. While an imitation or low-grade glass may be cheaper, do not opt for such windshields as not only do they not align properly in the frame, but can be disastrous in an accident.

Installing the new windshield

Lastly, the technician will begin to install the new windshield in its place. To secure this front glass, the technician will use a strong polyurethane adhesive to secure the glass in the frame. This adhesive needs to be applied in an even and consistent manner around the frame to hold the glass well. Also, it is critical to recheck there is no dust or other articles before the adhesive is applied as they get trapped in the frame and can affect the final fitting.

The windshield is then correctly aligned with the top and bottom frame and fitted. This step is critical and requires the expertise of a trained technician to ensure that it has been aligned in the correct manner. A minor shift to a side can lead to an ill-fitted windshield or leave gaps that can allow dust and water to flow in.

However, the installation process is not complete yet. As one needs to wait till the adhesive has dried completely and secured the glass in place. This takes minimum one hour and is a critical part of windshield replacement. Driving before the adhesive has set can cause the windshield glass to move from its place or not be secured properly which can injure someone later. A trained technician will inform you regarding the time needed to replace your car windshield.

Thus, we can see that windshield replacement requires different processes of utmost importance and should be carried out only by a trusted service provider. Keep in mind that the windshield is a fundamental part of the car’s safety structure and improper fitting or installation can lead harmful consequences. A trained technician can help you with more information or any additional concerns that you may have.

Content Source: Windshield Experts


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