Importance of trained technicians for windshield replacement

There are 3 essential duties of a windshield in response to an accident: a windshield will keep the vehicles passengers from being thrown from the vehicle, the windshield provides reinforcement for airbag deployment, and the windshield provides up to 60% of roof-crush prevention. It is important to get the best for your windshield for the safety you and your family deserves. Don’t trust your safety to amateurs, and trust only experts for accurate, reliable and fast windshield replacement services, be it big a city like Pune or small one like Panipat.

A windshield technician is a specialist in the repair and replacement of windscreen. Their job duties during an installation includes removing moulding and other exterior trim; applying primer to metal; removing pieces of broken glass and other debris; seating glass in its allotted space; applying adhesive; testing for leaks and noise; and restoring trim after adhesive has cured. Often installers have little or no formal training in the correct way to install auto glass, continuing the trend of poor standards in the auto glass industry.  The signs that the windshield is not installed correctly are obvious ones. They are stated as under:

  1. Many service repair shops give the customer a competitive price and then fail to use all new parts in the installation. They re-use the old glass moulding surrounding on the windshield. It is virtually impossible to remove the old moulding. Many people are not aware but it is a major safety concern. This is a way for them to save money at your expense.
  2. The installer doesn’t remove the cowl at the bottom of the windshield. As it is a shortcut that can save the installer’s time, this practice often results in water or air leaks. It can also create the risk of an unsafe bond of the glass to the car.
  3. In many service centres, after the installation, there is an excess of urethane around the glass. Car auto glass installation is a precise business. The technician should be clean in his work and focus on the details. Sloppy work will certainly result in poor and unsafe results.

With the increase in the need for windshield replacement in Tier-II cities like Ghaziabad, Bikaner etc., experts suggest that there are few essentials when deciding which windshield replacement shop to choose from. Windshield replacement starts with the following four key points:

  • A Professional Technician
  • The right adhesive
  • The right glass
  • A warranty

Without a professional technician the number three point is not possible. Always remember to ask the technician you are discussing your replacement, if they are a certified windshield technician or not. If they are not, a reconsideration of your decision is recommended, and ideally you should move on to the next option. It is advisable to only work with someone who has the qualifications to complete your windshield replacement correctly. It is imperative that your windshield is installed correctly for the safety of all, on the road.

There are two important elements, adhesive and glass, in protecting the windshield. Quality is key! Technician will help you shop with top quality products in stock. A professional will also make sure that proper adhesives are used during windshield replacement. This is important because improper adhesives, such as bathtub caulking or silicone, or a less expensive adhesive called Butyl, can pull apart due to the impact force in an accident. Only technicians are aware of the standards. Also, an expert will recommend that the shop should only use DOT approve windshield glass or OEM quality controlled glass.

A good technician will also have a list of the dos and don’ts with your windshield replacement service. In India, especially in northern cities like Ludhiana, Delhi etc., it is common for drivers to underestimate the importance of experts for windshield replacement. After all, people believe that if it does not look too badly damaged, why bother with the expense and the effort to have it examined. However, any damage on the car glass should be seen to immediately, so that your windshield can be replaced in time, this ensures clear visibility, keeping your car’s structural stability and safety intact.

A windshield is not just a piece of glass, but a crucial safety equipment in a car. It is an integral component that is carefully engineered and designed for visibility and strength. Any damage and improper care can considerably hamper visibility while driving. One major reason to consult an expert is that any small mistake could lead to a disaster and cause more problems in the long run.

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Content Source: Windshield Experts


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