Types of adhesives and their importance


A windshield being a very important part of a car helps to regulate the temperature inside the car. It also keeps particles away from getting inside the car, along with providing structural integrity to the car. Besides these functions, in case of an accident it helps the air bags deploy efficiently.

If the windshield cracks are formed after the collision, it could affect the integrity of the glass. In severe accidents, the windshield won’t be able functions properly. In case the glass gets cracked, proper replacement of the car windshield is important. Major cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and Bangalore should follow this norm to be safe, as they are filled with traffic.

To enhance the safety of cars, windshields have been modified completely. Windshields have certainly made the driver experience easier. It can be difficult to move from one destination to another with particles coming onto you while driving. But windshield has more diverse roles rather than just a simple save from debris and wind. Therefore, windshields are designed with advanced crash dynamics making vehicles safer.

Therefore, while replacing or installing the windshield one must make sure that the right methods and adhesives are used by the installers. Any minor error in the process could lead to a badly placed glass and will endanger your life.

Types of adhesives used for installation:

  • Silicone: As compared to other adhesives, Silicones have special properties based on organic polymers. The reason for this is because silicones have a different chemical backbone.They are inert to chemicals and have excellent resistance to moisture and weathering. Bonds that are made with silicones on windshield can, only be subjected to relatively small mechanical loads.

Applications of silicone:

  • Very little odour with low silicone, plasticizer migration, or bubbles curing
  • Flexible bonding and durability, primer bonding-free.
  • Dealcoholized curing, no corrosion to substrates, and substrates not polluted, in line with the standard for stone stain resistance.
  • It is resistant to fresh water and sea water and has a strong bearing capacity to fuel, mineral oil, vegetable oil and animal fat and crude oil

Benefits of silicone

  • Even over a wide range of temperatures, it can move with expansion and contraction
  • As it blocks the passage of other liquids or water, it does not degrade with humidity.
  • They ensure durability as they stay in good condition for long periods of time, enhancing safety and low maintenance costs.
  • Urethane: It provides high strength to bond and seal vehicle windshields and stationary glasses. It is easy to use and requires less time to do the job. Best for bonding the windshield and stationary glass attachment.

Applications of urethane:

  • Bonding windshields, backlights, quarter glass and other stationary glass
  • Other uses include attaching hardware to glass and back filling to install reveal mouldings or other trim

Benefits of urethane:

  1. It meets all long-term durability requirements
  2. No heating required- It is ready to use
  3. It is 3 to 50 times stronger than older adhesives
  4. Urethane bonds well with smooth surfaces like glass and rougher surfaces like automotive metals and paints
  5. It is UV, chemical and water resistant
  6. It has a tensile strength in automotive applications
  7. Urethane has a lap shear strength in automotive applications
  8. Urethane is non-conductive – reducing electrical interference

There is a significant amount of increase in the use of adhesives in the car manufacturing industry. Maximum times the adhesives are applied during the manufacturing process. The adhesives are used both for joining a car interior parts to form the racks of the car. According to the experts of windshield repair in major cities like Chennai, there are advantages which are provided by the use of adhesives and glues such as protection and sealing system. This type of material or technology is experiencing a huge growth in windshield repairing sector.

Use of quality adhesives prevents any sort of leaks and reduces the probability of the windshield becoming dislodged in case of an accident. An advantage of a strong adhesive is that it can hold the windshield’s weight while withstanding the air pressure. In cities with heavy traffic like Lucknow, the quality of adhesives is so strong that experts have to use heat and prying strength to remove the windshield during the replacement process. The overall shape and mounting angle influences the best adhesive for the installation. Therefore, it is best to trust a professional to select the right adhesive.

Image Source: 3mcollision.com

Content Source: www.windshieldexperts.com



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