Windshields in today’s age

Today’s windshields are highly developed, but this happened with a long process of evolution. When windshields were first introduced in the early 1900s, they were not sophisticated devices. They were optional. Drivers got to choose whether their new car would come with or without a windshield. The nicest windshields were the ones that had hinges so that if the car glass got dirty, the driver could simply fold it down, in case of any difficulty the problem was dealt with the help of any of the glass dealers.

Gas powered automobiles were first produced in the 1890s. And the windshield was invented roughly after 14 years. This means nearly a decade with no protection while driving. Earlier, these windshields were made of two-pieced plate glass. When one layer became too dirty, the driver could peel it down. The danger of driving with a dirty windshield was quickly realised.

History of Windshield wipers-

Another important part of the windshield was the wiper blades, which were made first in 1916. The wiper blades were not automatic as they are today. For the wipers to work the driver used a crank to move the wipers from side to side known as “Folberths”. Electric wipers were not introduced until the 1920s. It was in 1960s that the alternating powered windshield wipers were developed.

Henry Ford began the work on windshield technology of the French scientist Eduoard Benedictus in 1919. Now, the cellulose layer separated two layers of plate glass that held the plate glass together on impact. In simpler terms, it prevented the windshield from shattering into pieces in the case of an accident or an object hitting the windshield. There was only drawback to this windshield was that the cellulose became discoloured over time.

The year 1934 led to the birth of the curved windshield, which decreased drag and improved aerodynamics. 15 years later, tempered glass was used on rear and side windows. These windows could even withstand terrific blows on the glass. Even if the glass were to break, it would disintegrate into soft beads. However, this type of glass was not used on the windshields.

Today, windshield installation is equally as important as the windshield technology itself. Windshields must be properly installed and bonded to prevent injuries from the vehicle in the event of an accident.

Windshield glass-

Car makers used laminated glass in their windshields because it optimized the safety of the occupant during accidents. They also used it to protect passengers from projectiles during normal driving conditions. Initially, the first type of laminated glass offered limited puncture resistance. But now, laminated glass consists of a thin layer of polyvinyl butyrl that is (PVB) which is inserted between two layers of solid glass.

In the late 1930s carmakers began to use tempered glass. This type of glass was used in the car’s side and back windows. As it gains its strength through rapid heating and cooling process that strengthens the glass’ outer surface as well as its core. It is important to use the right glass to protect yourself from any damage caused in an accident.

Here are a few tips for buying and replacing Automotive Glass:

  • If your windshield has been severely damaged, replacing your windshield is a major safety concern, getting it should be your top most priority.
  • Make sure the technician replacing your windshield is certified to do so
  • Once your windshield has been replaced, make sure to wait for the recommended time before driving the vehicle. In some cases, this can last up to 10 hours.

When it comes to windshield replacement there is more to it than just getting estimates for replacement. Unlike a mechanic repair shop there is no definitive governing body regulating auto glass replacement. There is no authority to make sure that a windshield business has certifications, qualifications, or licenses. Anybody out there can buy a piece of glass and install a piece of glass in your car. This can be scary when you are dealing with one of the most important piece of glass in your car. It does more than just keeping bugs and wind away. Therefore, trust only professionals who have expertise in providing proper car glass installation and are efficient in windshield crack repair. Cars today are safer than ever, thanks to the improvements in technology made over the past century. Because of this a good windshield protects the driver and the passengers from any debris that could come into your vehicle and harm you.

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