Windshield Noise reduction properties

Nowadays, customers are beginning to make bigger demands for quieter cars, and due of this, car-makers have begun to concentrate more on the sound inside the passenger compartment to make the experience more peaceful. Thanks to advanced engineering capabilities and improvements in material technologies, car-makers can now keep out unwanted sounds. Right from the glass used in cars to the sounds of the engine, automotive engineers have found a way to reduce the sounds of everything and provide a much quieter driving experience. Technology has a vital role is making things easier. Even when it comes to windshield crack repair, technology plays an important role in making things more convenient.

In high-end cars, companies are making significant efforts to minimize the noise and vibrations that exist in these vehicles. An acoustic windshield is one such invention. An Acoustic windshield reduces the noise inside the car cabin coming from engine, outside traffic and wind. This simple idea is meant to make your ride more comfortable. Principally by inserting a special layer in the laminated glass, the acoustic insulation in the car’s cabin is improved.

In Acoustic windshield, the fight against noise is practically against the resonance. A body of the car is the largest resonator. When the frequency of vibrations from a source of a sound coincides with the frequency of fluctuations of the resonator, the sound is amplified.

The main sources of noise in a car is the engine. The sound vibrations with a frequency from 20 to 200 Hz are predictable. It is important to note that if the body and salon of the car does not resound in a step with the motor of the engine, and modern support of the engine reliably isolate a body from vibrations, the engine is almost not audible. It is that sound that comes from mutual contact of the teeth of gear wheels in a transmission and differential and bearings of wheel naves. However, for a modern car this is not a characteristic and can testify only to wear and need of repair of some knots.

Identification of Acoustic Windshield– Some manufacturers use the word “acoustic” or an “A” to identify acoustic windshield. Others use a specific product name or no designation at all. The identification of original remark is important to respect the integrity of the windshield’s original design.

The windshield plays a major role in reducing aerodynamic noise. It has the big area that is established under a big angle of attack to the running stream and directly contacts to salon. With the damping properties at glass, it is enough to strike on a glass and to listen as long it sounds. Having increased glass thickness, it is possible to improve characteristics of absorption of a sound around low frequencies. Classically, there are two glasses with a layer from strong polymer (poly vinyl butyral). Modern glasses can contain additional layers in the form of the warmed-up wire, UV filter or a tonirovochny film.

Practically, thickening does not influence absorption in the treasured range from 1.5 to 5 kHz. Being an important element of power structure of a body, the windshield distributes not only aerodynamic noise, but also swing noise, which is more exact than their part which corresponds to the resonant frequency of glass. The windshield that uses the damping polymer at speeds from 80 to 160 km/h is considerably the best indicators of absorption of noise in the range from 500 to 5500 Hz. With a solution of a resonance problem of a windshield, it is possible to increase acoustic comfort of the driver and passengers not only at high speeds, but also regular city speeds.

The durability of a windscreen is defined by standards of safety and has to remain in the wide range of working temperatures and the type of repairs.

It is interesting that thinner glasses show better results when using acoustic polymer as glass gives an undesirable resonance. Use of thin glass makes a considerable contribution to economy of mass of the car that, in turn, affects dynamics, fuel consumption and harmful emissions in the atmosphere. This will avoid any type of windshield repairs for the car and will also make it easier for the windshield professional to avoid damage.

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