How to keep a windshield clean

Windshield is an integral part of the car’s safety. It plays an important part in maintaining a clear view of the road in front of you. Bugs, dust and dirt, road oil, road salt, and tree sap are some of the reasons due to which your front windshield glass is going to get dirty. It is important to deal with it at some point in time.

A dirty windshield is not just limited to the outside surface of the windshield but the inside of the glass gets dirty too. Air from the defroster blows on the inside of the car glass through defroster vents, oil, moisture, and even cigarette smoke. With a dirty windshield you can begin to notice that it becomes difficult to see through the windshield. When it’s sunny, the light of the sun reflects off the dirt on the windshield. When it’s cold outside, moisture collects to the inside of your windows more easily and so they fog up.

Cleaning the windshield is part of routinely car’s maintenance and should be done every 1-2 weeks. Here’s how you can clean the windshield:



Gather the correct materials to clean the windshield: Bug remover spray, mesh sponge pad, glass cleaner, paper towels or microfiber cloth, and water.


Spray the windshield glass with a mixture of water and soap – Coat the windshield with the spray. The spray will soften the dirt and tar that are stuck to the windshield, making them easier to remove later on.


If the dirt and tar have been on the car for a long period of time, let the spray soak for 10 minutes to soften the gunk on the car glass.


Scrub the windshield with a mesh sponge pad – Light pressure would be required to loosen and remove the dirt and tar from the windshield. The mesh is soft enough not that it will not damage the glass but abrasive enough to take those stuck-on bits off the window. It is important to get to the edges of the windshield to make sure your windshield is completely cleaned.


Rinse the windshield with clean water – As the mixture may create suds when you rinse, therefore use lots of water to get it completely off. Rinse until there are no more bubbles coming off the glass.


Wiping off the glass cleaner – Professionals suggest that first wipe in a vertical pattern then follow it with a horizontal pattern for the best streak-free finish.


Lift your wiper arms – For a cleaner windshield, lift the arms of the wiper to the upright position. If the wiper blades don’t stay up, you’ll have to lift them individually while you are wiping the glass.


Spray the glass cleaner directly onto the windshield – A foaming action glass cleaner helps to remove any remaining stuck-on bits on your windshield glass. Repeat the same for the other side of the windshield. Spray glass cleaner onto your cloth, this is done so as to clean the interior side of the windshield.

Wipe the windshield until the glass is clean. Contact an automotive glass repair professional if there are still streaks noticeable to avoid any collateral damage.

Wiper blade cleaning is another important part of maintaining the windshield. Here are a few simple steps that will help you clean your wiper blades properly-


  • Cleaning the rubber edge of the wiper blade – Use a wet paper rag to clean the blades, when you are done lower the wiper blades back down to the glass.
  • Look closely to ensure they aren’t dry and cracked. If they show signs of wear, have a work on it. Wipe the blades with cotton cloth and rubbing baking soda to make sure they are clean.

As you clean the windshield you might notice that some parts of the wiper aren’t working as well as they should be. Have a technician, inspect your wiper system if something is amiss. Technicians quickly provide replacement of the wiper blades of the windshield, at your home or office.

It is important to take care of all the components involved in and around windshield to ensure a safe drive. Windshield cleaning can be done at home too but for a quality care visit a professional service around you.

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Content Source: Windshield Experts



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