Uses of Tinted Glass on Car Windshields

These days, one of the most common and newest aftermarket car modifications is to add a tint to the car windscreen and windows. In the newer car models, the windscreens will already have a level of tint applied, however, it is possible to have additional film added to darken the windows further.  In case of damage, it will be very difficult to drive with a crack on the tinted windshield.

The most common reasons why people add a tint to their car windshields are listed below:

  • To reduce heat levels in the car
  • For visibility in direct sunlight
  • Other aesthetic reasons

Use of tinted glass for reduction of heat waves:-

Low levels of windscreen tint can reduce the heat in your car up to 70%, especially in warm climates. A crack on the windshield can occur as a result of the drastic temperature difference, pressure changes, etc. This is created by switching the AC in the summer against an extremely hot windshield. However, this can be prevented by keeping the inside of your car cooler. If the car has leather seats, installing tinted glass can extend the life and quality of the car’s interior. Not only that, it will protect it from direct UV rays and enhance the comfort level of your car.

Use of tinted glass for visibility in direct sunlight:-

Direct sunlight is less disruptive to your driving with tinted glass.  Some windshields also have a layer of dark tint at the top of the car glass that is called a “shade band”. That is used to reduce glare from the sun. However, this dark tint cannot extend below a certain point on the windshield.

A common question that intrigues everyone is if whether or not a particular level of tint is legal. It depends on which state you are in and the level of light your tint allows through the glass. The designations of tints are decided by the level of light allowed to pass through the glass. Therefore, a 90% film allows 90% of the light to pass through the window. The best way is to have your vehicle inspected before, and measure the exact level of tint in your window.

Other aesthetics reasons to use a tinted glass:

The tinted windows add to the aesthetics value of every vehicle. Whether a classic car or sports car, tinted windows enhance your comfort and the overall look of the car.

While windshield tinting is beneficial it has its own disadvantages:

  • Lower visibility -Even though windshield tinting is designed to allow you to see through the windows from the inside, there is definitely an issue of lower visibility. This isn’t an issue for many people. But for others, it could definitely be a problem to see outside, especially at night.
  • Peels over time- The tint is going to start peeling after sometime. When this happens, it will end up being rather unappealing and have to be either redone or removed.

Qualities of tints:

For quality tints, ensure that they are scratch-resistant and covered with a robust coat layer. A good film should have cooling properties that filter out excess heat. This ensures the interior of the car’s temperature is always balanced. Windshields should be fitted with high quality resin adhesives. This will protect the windshields from cracking or peeling over-time. Professional car glass tinting would give the car a neat and sporty look.

To ensure that there’s proper bond between them and the tint material, the windshield is only cleaned with special film solution. Moreover, the windscreen film can be reshaped or contracted to match a car’s size and contour. A car glass expert makes use of precision computer technology that ensures no seams or gaps in-between the window and vehicle.

Installation windshield helps lessen energy use, which will help a lot in keeping your car comfortable. Ensure that while windscreen installation, there is no crack as it will be difficult to repair.

Before seeking any sort of tinting services, make sure that you consult a professional car windshield expert who is experienced and knowledgeable. The overall cost of tinting is also not high and is done with regard to specific brand and age of the vehicle.

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Content Source: Windshield Experts


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