Types of damages on windshield

There are different types of windshield cracks that cause damage. It may be due to an object impacting the glass, temperature and pressure changes, structural weakness, defects, and more. In case your car windshield suffers from such kind of damage, repairing your car glass is a must. If you happen to be living in Delhi, there are a number of car glass repair experts who can be of great help.

The majority of car glass damage is the result of objects hitting the outside layer of glass. Rocks dump trucks, or rocks that the tires of other vehicles kick up off the road are the most common objects that most commonly strike windshields. Car windshield do not break easily even after getting damaged. This is because they consist of two layers of glass that reduce the windshield from getting easily damaged. However, in case it is harmed, it can be determined by the position of the damage.

Take a look at the various types of damage and how they are formed:

  1. Combination break- In this kind of damage, multiple types of breaks such as cracks, chips and dings are likely to occur on your windshield. As a result, there are only a few small breaks that are not too deep & can be resolved with the help of a windshield repair service provider. But, if the cracks or dings are too deep, a complete windshield replacement is essential.
  2. Bull’s eye- This type of windshield damage is caused by debris or rocks which are lodged by passing cars. The damage is circular in shape and slightly larger than dings or chips. Moreover, bull’s eye cracks are repairable and depend on the size. So if the crack is too large, complete glass replacement is required.
  3. Cracked chip, floater and edge cracks- This type of breakage is caused due to a single crack that is the size of a quarter and has an impact point. This type of damage is repairable unless it is too deep.

On the other hand, floater cracks start in the middle of the windshield. If the crack is too deep or spreads out, then the windshield needs to be replaced.

An edge crack begins within 2-inches of the edge of the car glass and usually originates in the middle of the windshield.

  1. Stress crack- Eventually, a car glass becomes weak and stress cracks start to form. This is mostly because of the weather extremities. For instance, if the car is parked in the sun for long hours with the air condition on, the glass is expected to crack. Hence, in winters, it is recommended to scrape ice or melt it off the car glass with cold water. It is also important to keep in mind that stress cracks occur over a period of time and always start at the edge of the windshield.

The position of the damage determines the type of damage. Taking example of an impact that occurs at least two inches from the edge. This impact may cause a chip, floater crack or star break, but the impact that are closer to the edge is more likely to produce a long crack.

Some of the minor cracks are repairable while the major ones are not. Choosing the right type of fix for any such damages could cause distortions in the glass which is hazardous when in the line of sight. And, if the windshield damage is not in the line of sight of the driver, it’s better to get it replaced or repaired.

When too much time has passed, dirt and dust build-up can also accumulate in the chip or crack causing the damage to spread. In cities, with an increase in air pollution like Bangalore, it is better to get a windshield replacement for your car done by the experts.

Doing it yourself with a repair kit is a good option if the damage is minor, and only if you act quickly after the damage occurs. Otherwise, it is better to get the car glass repaired or replaced by a professional, as they have better repair tools, and expertise to do windshield replacement. Nowadays, there are various windshield repair services available in the cities across the country that provide proper repair to the damages.

Image Source: blog.dcag.ca

Content Source: Windshield Experts


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