Disadvantages of improper installation

A good car windshield is an important part of any car as it helps in keeping one safe while driving. However, there are plenty of reasons that can cause your windshield to crack. It could be damaged due to the factors such as road debris, harsh weather conditions, car accidents and collisions, and the most popular, badly built windows. In cities like Bangalore with heavy rainfall and extreme weather conditions, windshield damage is very common and so is its repair. A broken car window in such cities can exposes you to harsh weather conditions while driving.

In case you live in a city like Bangalore, broken windshields are quite common that need a timely repair. Such car windshields need to be repaired and fixed permanently.

Expectations from a windshield repair service:

  • Quick turnaround- The entire replacement should take less time
  • Convenience- The services which is offered in numerous stores
  • Certified technicians- Service from trained professionals who are certified

Take a look at the detailed procedure that is listed below for your reference:-

  • In case your windshield is cracked or broken, make sure to remove the old one. Having an assistant along can be very helpful to remove and install the windshield. However, before you start to uninstall your windshield, it is a good idea to check with your insurance company to see if the replacement is covered. This will help you save a lot of money.
  • Once done, consider protecting the dashboard and other parts of the car interiors by using a blanket
  • Remove the windshield wipers and set them aside
  • Remove the old windshield carefully and make sure to dispose off properly. A good idea is to opt for a manufacturer who offers windshield recycling programs
  • Get a new windshield that is compatible with the make, model and year of the car
  • Remove the old sealant by using a knife
  • Apply a urethane primer to the windshield and window socket and let it dry
  • Install the windshield clips that are available in many different types. Choose the one that suit your requirements
  • Use a primer gun and apply urethane uniformly throughout the entire frame, working quickly to prevent it from drying
  • Make sure to place your windshield in the window frame
  • Push it gently into place and wipe off the excess urethane
  • Once your installation is complete, make sure you give enough time for the sealant to dry before you go for a drive
  • In case you feel unconfident about doing it yourself, ensure to get certified experts on board

Reportedly, 70%-80% of windshield replacements are done incorrectly. Such poor installations fail to provide structural integrity to nearly 40%-70% of the car roofs. As a result, the windshield does not offer good control to nearly 20% of the airbags during accidents or collisions.

Such improper windscreen installation can have a serious effect on the function of many of these safety devices of your vehicle. So make sure to have a proper installation of the windshield that will last longer, protect from harsh weather conditions and assist in deploying the airbags in times of an emergency.

Keep the following things in mind before installing any car windshield:

  • Different types of adhesives are required for different installation, however, many installers are not even aware of. In weather conditions under 40 degrees, a special cold weather urethane must be used
  • Underneath the moulding, makes sure to use a good primer such as urethane. It can be used to seal the areas around the edge of the glass
  • Also, ensure that the urethane has a proper surface to bond. It will prevent any metal scratches from rusting

So ensure to get the proper installation done, which will not compromise the safety of the passengers and the driver within. During windshield replacement or repair, it is highly recommended that it is done by qualified technicians. Jaipur is a place where you could find such technicians who will make your life hassle-free in the long run.

If you take care of your car, do not forget to check the quality of the auto glass or its condition at certain intervals. This will ensure that you get a safe drive.

Image Source: searsimportsbodyshop

Content Source: Windshield Experts


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