Windshield Washer Fluids

While driving, there are times when your windshield has been covered with bird droppings and you are unable to wipe them clean with your windshield wipers. Washer fluid is critical to use since it secures the windscreen by keeping it clean and far from repairs. Although it seems unimportant, washer fluid plays a crucial role in maintaining the windshield than you’d anticipate. It is critical to constantly monitor the level of the washer fluid and refill it when necessary.

Washer fluid can help the windshield in several ways as mentioned below:

  • It maintains the condition of windshield wipers

The value of a windshield is realized only when you drive in the monsoons and the wipers abruptly shriek, scratching the glass. Filling up more washer fluid than you need can be useful in times of emergencies. It will keep your windshield and wipers clean, sparing you from extra expenses.

  • Keeps the windshield in Good Condition

Using an adequate amount of windshield fluid will remove soil and dirt from any scratches, chips, or splits that are present in the glass. This will enable you to repair them before the soil or dirt can cause more damage.

  • Frost-free windshields

The ethanol and ethylene glycol in the washer fluid acts as anti-freeze and prevents ice from forming on the windshield. Hence, washing the glass with the washer fluid before heading out will go a long way in preventing ice/frost from forming on the glass.

  • For anti-fogging

The protective film left by the windshield washer fluid will eliminate the uneven absorption, this increases transparency and offers better visibility.

  • Safety

Windshield washer fluid does not contain any metal ions, this ensures that it does not harm the car’s rubber or any other parts, making it completely safe for use.

How to make washer fluid at home:

  • Mix agallon of water with 1 tablespoon of dish washing liquid and ½ cup of ammonia or vinegar for anti-freeze properties. Add a few drops of food colouring so that it is easier to notice the use of liquid.
  • This mixture is mixed up in a gallon sized jug and fill the reservoir whenever needed to keep your windshield clean and clear.

To refill the washer fluid, pour in regular water to prevent the mixture from freezing when the temperature drops. If the washer system is damaged, the windshield will remain dirty and it could damage it, leading to the need of windshield repairs. Therefore, to prevent any damage to the windshield, using the best windshield wiper fluid for driving is recommended.

Driving in bad monsoon weather means preparing for the worst. Hence, it is important to store extra windshield washer solution in the car as driving with a foggy windshield can be problematic.  It might be complicated to choose the right windshield wiper to keep your windshield clean, but the right guidance will simplify the process.

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