Windshield fog and defogging techniques

It is quite common for your car windshield to fog during the rainy season. Fogging of your windshield occurs due to the temperature difference outside and inside the car. In cities with heavy rainfall like Mumbai and Bangalore, such situations are common and windshield repair is a must.

Most car owners have faced their fair share of windshield fog issues, but did you know the reasons that could cause it?

Listed below are a few common reasons:

1)    If the temperature inside the car is lower than the temperature outside (due to an air-conditioner), it results in the windshields/windows fogging from the outside. If the temperature outside the car is lower, it causes fogging on the inside.

2)    Due to a difference in temperature inside and outside the car, the breath that is exhaled by the passengers comes in contact with the cold glass and condenses, causing the glass to fog.

There are several steps which can be taken to defog the windscreen:-

1)    Air circulation inside the vehicle– lowering windows of the car to let the air from the outside enter and mix with the interior will defog the windshield in a few minutes.

2)    Applying air from the heating system– Apply the dry air from the heating system directly onto the windscreen.

3)    Applying cold air– The car windows can be defogged through the cold air or air conditioning system of the car. The moisture will be eliminated steadily by applying cold water to the glass, the reason for this is that cold air does not hold as much moisture as warm air.

4)    Cleaning glass with soap and water– Rubbing the glass with your hands is not the best way to defog your car. Before starting the air conditioner, start by soaking the windscreen with a mixture of soap and water, then pass a dry cloth to remove the solution. This action will stop the fogging for some time.

5)    Lastly, it is important to remember that for proper and quick defogging, the engine should be at an approximate temperature of 90 degrees. For cars with an air conditioner, defogging the windshield of the vehicle will be much simpler.

Fogging on the windshield is a very common problem and everyone has to deal with it at one point of time. Therefore, it is important to understand how to fix the problem. Fogging depends on the temperature and various situations. So ensure to tackle the condensation on your windows with different methods. To avoid major harm to the windshield, such as a crack, every problem on the glass should be handled carefully. Keeping the windows extra clean is one of the many precautions one should take, as clean windows are less prone to fogging.

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