Monsoon Remedies for Car

Monsoon has arrived in India and as pleasant as it might be, it also causes a disruption in our daily lives. Monsoons also bring along with them extensive traffic jams. The reason for most traffic jams in this downpour is usually a stalled vehicle. A cracked windshield in this weather will be bane to anyone. The people who had a few years of driving experience would know that rain is not that kind to cars. So make sure you are careful, every precaution must be taken care of if not, it can be very heavy on your pocket.

Most cars today allow the driver to control the angle of the headlamps. It’s advised to use a low beam while driving in the monsoons. A wet windscreen makes it very difficult for a driver to pinpoint your location while windshield wipers constantly distort the light from oncoming traffic, further decreasing visibility.

Wipers are rarely used in a car and are generally only used in the monsoons. Lack of use or maintenance generally lead to the wipers wearing out before time and you will soon find them screeching and grinding against the windscreen. This can lead to scratches in the form of an arc on your windscreen. Therefore, it is important to service the wipers regularly.

Particles of dust generally settle on unused wipers. If the wiper is switched on in this state, the particles could scratch the glass and also break the uniformity of the rubber edge. A rubber with worn out edge will leave behind streaks of water on the glass. No matter in which season you are it is always advisable to dust the windscreen with a dry cloth, then wiping it clean with a wet cloth before beginning any journey.

A scratched windscreen makes driving at night difficult by scattering the light from oncoming traffic. Also, it should be made sure that the glass is clean on the inside too, free from any fingerprints or other smudges. Always carry newspapers as they are wonderful glass cleaners.

Excess water causes metal to rust. Hence, it should be made sure that all the scratches on the car are either painted or at least polished with wax. To avoid rust, many people also get the under-body of their car treated with anti-rust solutions. If you stay in a place with heavy rains throughout the year, consider getting an underbody rubber coating for the car. It is important to pay special attention to the rubber lining on the doors and make sure that all hinges are greased.

It is essential to have you car serviced before the monsoons. To ensure safe driving conditions during the monsoons, make your car ready to face clogged roads. To be prepared, make a checklist that ensures you check/replace cracked tyres, check air pressure, etc. This prevents the car from skidding on a wet road. This is all the more necessary when the first shower arrives.

Your safety also depends on the brakes of the car, especially during the monsoons. Wet roads increase the braking distance, so it should be made sure to apply the brakes well in advance. Therefore, it is very important to get the brakes checked before the monsoon arrives. This is done to make sure that the car should come to a stop without swaying in either direction. If the car sways it means that the brakes are not being applied with the same force on each wheel.

Taking good care of the car means taking care of every part of your car, including your windscreen and windows. Not adhering to this can lead to a number of problems including the need for car windshield repair or replacement. To avoid this situation, careful windscreen and window maintenance is definitely needed.

During the monsoons we see waterlogged roads, treacherous potholes and cars stuck right in the middle of the road with their blinkers on. This is a very common sight during this season.
While monsoon is a beautiful season and driving in the rain can be fun, it has its own set of challenges. Surely, the last thing someone wants is a car break down while others zip by and spray your windshield dirty.

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Content Source: Windshield Experts



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